Inspection Program Overview

On March 2, 2017, Part IV of the General Regulation came into effect authorizing the College of Naturopaths of Ontario to conduct inspections in premises where Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT) procedures are performed.

IVIT procedures include:

  • the compounding of drugs to make a customized therapeutic product for the purpose of administering by intravenous injection to a patient, and

  • the administration of a therapeutic product by IVIT.

The Inspection Program of the College supports continuous quality improvement through the development and maintenance of standards for all premises where IVIT procedures are performed.The College recognizes the importance of maintaining competency for certain procedures such as IVIT that are associated with an increased risk of harm, and has developed the Inspection Program to ensure the safety and quality of care for the people of Ontario who choose to access these services.

The Inspection Program Requirements set out the criteria to be met by each premises, in the following areas:

  • physical environment,
  • emergency preparedness,
  • infection control,
  • sterile compounding,
  • administering IVIT,
  • record keeping and charting,
  • Type 1 and Type 2 occurrences,
  • delegation, and
  • quality management.

The outcome of each inspection are posted on the IVIT Premises Register. The outcome may be a pass, a pass with conditions or a fail. More information about inspection outcomes can be found in the Inspection Program Handbook.

A new premises where IVIT procedures are intended to be performed must be registered with the College, undergo Part I of an inspection and receive a pass or a pass with conditions that then allow it to begin performing IVIT. Part II of the new premise's inspection will occur within approximately 6 months later.

Every premises that is registered and performing IVIT procedures will undergo a scheduled inspection once every 5 years. 

Register an IVIT Premises

For more information about registering an IVIT premises, click here.