Inspection Program Fees

The Inspection Program is a self-financing program. That is, the cost of operating the program is covered by the inspection fee charged to the premises. The College has determined the average costs of inspecting each premises, as well as the administrative costs of running the program, such as the per diems and expenses for Inspection Committee members and combined these averages to arrive at the final inspection fee.

It is the responsibility of the designated member, acting on behalf of the premises, who will be invoiced directly and who must ensure that the payment is received in full by the College within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. If the payment is not made on or before the date required, the Member may face suspension of their registration for failure to pay fees.

The inspection program fee is $2,500 per premises.

New Premises

For a new premises, the inspection is conducted in two parts (Part I and Part II) and subsequently the $2,500 (+ HST) fee will be invoiced in two equal amounts. The designated member will be invoiced for $1,250 when they are notified of the assigned inspector for Part I and again approximately 6 months later for of Part II.

Subsequent Regularly Scheduled Inspections

For all inspections conducted subsequent to the initial inspection within the regular five year cycle, the full inspection fee of $2,500 (+ HST) will be invoiced at the time the designated member is notified of the upcoming inspection.

Additional Inspections

If an additional or follow up inspection is required by the Inspection Committee, the cost of $2,500 (+ HST) will be invoiced to the designated member of the premises being inspected, at the time of notification of the upcoming inspection. This cost is in addition to the fee for the initial inspection or the scheduled inspection that occurs within the 5 year cycle.

All inspection fees are set out in Schedule 3 of the College By-laws