Naturopathic Doctor Register

You can search for a naturopath by registration number, last or first name, or a combination of this information. If searching by name, include at least two letters. If you can’t locate the naturopath that you are searching for, or access the register, please contact

Here is the type of information you’ll find on the register, and a brief description of what it means.

The legal name under which the naturopath is registered. Naturopaths should only be practicing using the name on the register. If they use a nickname or abbreviation, that must be on the register too.

Nickname or abbreviation An alternative name (other than the legal first name) under which the naturopath may be practicing.
Date of registration The date the naturopath first became registered with the College or its predecessor, the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy – Naturopathy. This does not mean the naturopath has been consistently registered since that date; for that information, see “registration history”.
Registration number The number the College issues to a naturopath to demonstrate that he or she is registered to practice.

 Current status

In Ontario, naturopaths and their registration can fall under several categories:

  • In good standing – the naturopath holds current registration to practice and has no outstanding fees due or orders pending (i.e. limitations on their practice).
  • Suspended (for non-payment) – naturopaths who fail to renew their certificate of registration are unable to see patients.
  • Suspended (for discipline) – due to a finding by a committee that the naturopath was incompetent or committed an act of professional misconduct.
  • Suspended (for fitness to practice) – due to a finding by a committee that the naturopath cannot practice safely and effectively.
  • Resigned – the naturopath has notified the College that he or she no longer wishes to hold a certificate of registration to practice in Ontario.
  • Retired – the naturopath has retired from the profession, been granted a Life Membership from the Registration Committee, and is no longer seeing patients.
  • Deceased – the College has been notified that the naturopath died.
  • Revoked – the College determined the naturopath can no longer hold a certificate of registration, use the title or see patients.
Class of registration The type of registration held by the naturopath: General Class (able to see patients) or Inactive Class (unable to see patients).

Previous first name Any and all previous first names under which the naturopath was registered or completed their naturopathic education.
Previous last name Any and all previous last names under which the naturopath was registered or completed their naturopathic education.
Registration history The history of the certificates of registration held by a naturopath, including:
  • type of certificate of registration;
  • dates of registration;
  • decisions by any committee of the College (e.g. for discipline) that effects the naturopath’s registration;
  • other status changes; and
  • suspensions for non-payment of fees.
Extended Service Some naturopaths have met the additional requirements (standards of practice) necessary to provide what are called “extended services”. Only these naturopaths can perform:
  • Therapeutic Prescribing – prescribe, dispense, compound or sell the drugs that naturopaths are permitted to access (according to the Controlled Acts Regulation).
  • Intravenous Infusion Therapy – provide IV infusions of certain substances (listed in the Controlled Acts Regulation). 
Terms, conditions and limitations A naturopath may have restrictions around how he or she can practice as a result of a hearing or other reasons. These are called terms, conditions or limitations, and are imposed on the certificate of registration. A naturopath is required to comply with these restrictions.

This section also identifies whether the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) has issued an interim order. This would place limitations on a naturopath’s practice pending the outcome of an investigation being conducted by the ICRC.
Employment information All current employment or practice information for a naturopath, including the name of the site(s) and the address and business phone number of each location.
Professional corporations All naturopathic professional corporations where the naturopath is a shareholder or director. This is a distinct type of corporation defined in legislation; only naturopaths may own shares or be a director of a naturopathic professional corporation. Each corporation listed is linked directly to the College’s Professional Corporations Register.
Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee referrals Information about current referrals from the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) to the Discipline Committee (DC) or Fitness to Practice Committee (FTPC).  The information will remain in this section until the DC or FTPC have completed their hearings. 
Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee outcomes  Information about whether the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) has:
  • issued an oral caution to a naturopath as a result of an ICRC investigation (this will appear on the register for two years from the date the caution); or
  • required the naturopath to complete a Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program (this will appear on the register during the period the education or remediation has been applied).
Information about:
  • previous findings as a result of a hearing;
  • a summary of the hearing details; and
  • any additional terms, conditions or limitations due to professional conduct issues.
Member reported and other findings The register will note whether a naturopath has been found guilty of an offence, or guilty of professional misconduct by another regulatory body.
Registrar's notation Any additional information about the naturopath that the Registrar believes, and the naturopath has agreed, is in the public interest to be added to the register.