Mandatory Self-Reporting

Mandatory self-reporting is an important legal requirement for naturopaths, and all regulated health professionals, in Ontario. These reports alert the College to situations where a naturopath may not be practising safely and allow the College to take appropriate steps to protect he public. 

What Needs to be Reported

Section 20.08 of the College's by-laws outlines changes to information that must be automatically provided to the College within 30 days of the event or change taking place. In addition to the by-laws, amendments were made on May 1, 2018 to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 expanding the mandatory reporting requirements.

New Self-Reporting Requirements

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, the information requested must be provided to the College as soon as reasonably possible but no longer than 30 days from the date of occurrence using the form below.

Reportable information:

1. Are you currently registered with any other regulatory body in Ontario and/or any other Canadian, US or international jurisdiction?  In other words, do you practise or are you authorized to practice another regulated profession in addition to naturopathy?
2. Are you currently registered with any other naturopathic regulatory body in any jurisdiction outside of Ontario?
3. Has a finding of professional misconduct or incompetence been made against you by another regulatory body in Ontario and/or in any other jurisdiction?
4. Have you been charged with any offence?  An offence means any breach of law that is prosecuted in a court including criminal or drug charges, speeding or parking tickets, etc.
5. Have there been any findings of guilt, professional negligence, or malpractice against you?
6. Are there any bail or release restrictions currently in place?

How to Self-Report

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, complete the form below and return it to the College.

Completed forms can be sent to the College by:

Mail:     College of Naturopaths of Ontario
             150 John Street, 10th Floor
             Toronto, ON
              M5V 3E3


Fax:       416-583-6011


What Happens if you Don't Self-Report? 

Not making a self-report, or falsifying the information, may result in findings of professional misconduct which could include a variety of penalties against you and your ability to practise.

Self-Reporting Form

Download the form below. We recommend you save the form to your computer after downloading, fill in the details, and then save it again before submitting it. 

Self-Reporting Form
(Adobe PDF File)