Mission and Vision of the Council


Public confidence in the practise of naturopathy through excellence in regulation.


The College regulates naturopathic doctors to ensure safe, ethical and competent naturopathic care for the people of Ontario.


As a College, CONO has a legal mandate. This statement captures the essence of that legal mandate for the purpose of communicating it clearly and succinctly to stakeholders. 

     To regulate the practise of naturopathy according to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, and the Naturopathy Act, 2007.



The College of Naturopaths of Ontario will govern the profession and its own activities based on its values:

  • Be fair, equitable, transparent, and accountable to our stakeholders;
  • Act with honesty and integrity;
  • Be proactive and innovative;
  • Work collaboratively with others;
  • Accept diverse perspectives and value healthy debate;
  • Be respectful and professional;
  • Treat all human resources as a key asset;
  • Ensure that our standards and processes are evidence-informed;
  • Respect the health of the individual and the environment;
  • Be courageous, bold, and challenging.