Governance Review

The College Council is conducting a Governance Review to identify and consider global trends and modern best practices that could further enhance public trust and safety in how the profession of naturopathy is governed.

The Governance Review process includes a number of components.

Earlier this year we completed a Literature Review that has been summarized into a core document of key concepts, options and questions (Regulatory Governance – Key Concepts & Questions) for the College to consider in relation to modern governance. 
Council has hosted presentations from three other Ontario regulatory bodies to learn about these other Colleges’ experiences in conducting recent governance reviews of their own.
The College initiated a consultation with naturopathic stakeholder organizations, the public, and College Members to get their input on the governance concepts and options that the College Council will explore. 
In January 2020, Council held a two-day facilitated workshop to review and consider governance options and possible changes – including feedback we received from the consultations - with a final public report being issued in Spring 2020.

Important Note: It is essential to recognize that none of the options in the Regulatory Governance - Key Concepts & Questions document are decided. Nothing is predetermined; and nothing is set in stone. The document presents ideas for consideration and conversation. Council could decide to implement all of them, some of them, or none of them. New ideas may also come forward through the consultative process. It is important to note that some ideas identified through the Governance Review process may require government approval before they could be implemented.  
Governance Review Timeline
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