By-laws Consultation on the Public Register


The College’s by-laws, in particular Section 20 – The Register, have been amended several times in the past to reflect both legislative changes as well as transparency initiatives undertaken by the College Council. The result of those amendments has been a list of items to be included on The Register that is lengthy, difficult to read and difficult to understand in practical terms.

The primary purpose of the proposed amendments is to re-organize the by-laws as they relate to the Register into meaningful sections that bring together all related elements through the introduction of additional subsections.

The secondary purpose is to ensure that the by-laws reflect naturopathic practice. For example, where the by-laws previously referred to “employment” being listed on the Register, they would now more accurately refer to clinics or locations where a Member provides naturopathic services.

As much as possible, the language of the by-laws is being simplified although given their nature, they will always be framed in legal language.

Proposed Changes

Introduction of new subsections – The proposed changes add several news subsections to assist in the re-organization and readability of this section of the by-laws. The provisions contained in each new subsection were previously included in the by-laws. The new subsections include:
   - Information about Member Offences and Findings by other Regulators
   - Member Information about Terms, Conditions, Limitations, Orders or Undertakings
   - Member Information about Complaints and Reports
   - Member Information about Discipline and Conduct
   - Member Information about Professional Corporations
   - Member Information about Premises and Inspections
Addition of introductory paragraphs for the new subsection – Each new subsection has a new introductory paragraph to reflect the authority of inclusion of the information as well as describing in general terms what the subsection will include.
Adding Premises information to clinic or business information [clause (e) of paragraph (i) of section 20.03] – Although the College has maintained a registry of IVIT premises registered under Part V of the General Regulation, there has not been a specific link identified in the by-laws between a Member and a registered premises. By adding this information, the College can allow the public and users of the Register to move quickly between Members’ profiles and profiles of registered premises.
Membership Class, registration status, authorization to provide services [paragraph (iv) of section 20.05 (see page 4)] – The addition of membership class, registration status and authorization to provide naturopathic services provisions are proposed to a) reflect information that is already on the Register (permitted when the by-laws are read in their totality but not specifically referenced) and to add the ability of the College to reflect to the public whether a Member is authorized to practice in Ontario and if the public should be aware of important information about the Member. This will increase the transparency of the
College as well as ensuring the College is meeting the needs identified by the public through its participation in the Citizens Advisory Group.
Member Information about professional corporations (paragraphs (i) and (ii) of the new section 20.10) – The College has always maintained a public list of professional corporations that allow the public to view which Member(s) are associated with the professional corporation. What has not existed in the past is the ability to find the professional corporation details in the context of a Member who is associated with a Professional Corporation. The intent is to ensure that it is clear to the public when a Member is offering services through a Professional Corporation.
Member Information about premises and inspections [paragraphs (i) and (ii) of the new section 20.11] – The College has maintained a list of registered premises and under each premises, which Members are providing services at that location. What has not existed is the ability to find that premises directly from the Members’ profile. The intent is to ensure that it is clear to the public when a Member is offering services at a registered premises.

We want to hear your thoughts

The College is initiating a 60-day consultation on the proposed changes to the by-laws. Members and stakeholders are invited to submit feedback in writing by mail, fax or by e-mail to:

College of Naturopaths of Ontario
150 John Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3E3
Fax: 416-979-6011

All feedback must be received no later than December 16, 2018.

Documents for download

Consultation Overview
(Adobe PDF File)