The Self-Assessment component of QA is a mandatory annual process for members holding a General Certificate of Registration.  It includes completing two tools, which the College will provide.

1. Self-Assessment tool

Members will reflect on their skills with respect to the Core Competencies and Standards of Practice of the profession.  NDs can use the tool to:

a.  Identify if their practice meets the competencies of the profession or requires improvement; and
b.  Identify professional development and continuing education needs based on the competencies and standards, as well as on other best practices.

2.    Learning Plan tool

NDs will document their learning needs arising from their self-assessment, including specific learning goals and timelines.  Your Learning Plan provides the direction for activities that will enhance your competence over the next year.


You will not be required to submit your Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Learning Plan to the College.  It is for your personal review only.  However, file it in your Professional Portfolio as it will be reviewed during a Peer and Practice Assessment.  At the time of your annual registration renewal with the College, each member must sign a declaration indicating that they have:

  • Completed the annual Self-Assessment tool and retained it in their professional portfolio;
  • Identified any areas for improvement based on their Self-Assessment;
  • Identified continuing education and professional development learning that is available in the areas needing improvement;
  • Identified a learning plan and schedule for completion;
  • Completed components of prior annual learning plans.

Click here for the Self-Assessment Handbook.