Peer and Practice Assessment

Peer and Practice Assessment, as a component of the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) program, plays a key role in ensuring NDs are meeting their professional responsibility of providing safe, ethical and competent naturopathic care. With Peer and Practice Assessment, NDs undergo an objective review of their knowledge and performance.  This will help members improve their practice by giving them the opportunity to meet and discuss practice issues with a peer.

The process is designed to be transparent, educational and supportive.  College-trained assessors aim to provide a positive learning experience that’s relevant to each ND’s practice. The College recognizes that the majority of NDs are practising safely, ethically and competently.  Through Peer and Practice Assessment, the College can engage in a dialogue with members in their workplaces, and help them identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Here’s what you can expect before, during and after an assessment.

Before the Assessment

Each year, the College randomly selects up to 20% of members who hold a General Certificate of Registration to participate in a Peer and Practice Assessment.  Once you go through the process, you will be exempt from selection for five years (three years for those who perform IVIT). The College will notify you in writing that you have been selected, and send you a pre-assessment questionnaire.  This will include a series of questions related to your practice (e.g. size, patient population, authorized acts, etc.) to:
  • give the QA Committee the most current information about your practice;
  • allow the College to match you with the most appropriate assessor;
  • familiarize the assessor with you and your practice;
  • expedite the coordination of the onsite assessment; and 
  • reduce the time necessary for onsite collection of information.  

Once an assessor is appointed, you will be notified and sent a comprehensive Peer and Practice Assessment instruction package.  The assessor, who is trained by the College in the onsite assessment process, will contact you to arrange an appropriate date and time for the review.  You will have six months from the selection date to complete the actual assessment.  You may need to notify your employer (if applicable) that an assessor will conduct a review at your workplace.  

The Peer and Practice Assessment Handbook, available in the Resources section of the College’s website will provide information about how to prepare for an assessment.

During the Assessment

The assessment is a valuable professional development opportunity, to get feedback from a peer based on a comprehensive review of your practice.  
The Peer and Practice Assessment should take approximately 3-4 hours.  This is what it includes.
  1. An initial meeting.
  2. A Patient Chart Review.
  3. Premises Review.
  4. Professional Portfolio Review.
  5. Chart Stimulated Recall.
  6. Review of Competencies, Standards, Policies and Guidelines.

Each of these are expanded upon in greater detail in the Peer and Practice Assessment Handbook, available in the Resources section of the website.

After the Assessment

At the conclusion of your assessment, your assessor will provide you with an overview of the report to be submitted to the College.  You will have the chance to discuss any issues or clarify any information regarding the report.   The report will outline your knowledge, skill and judgment. The College will send you a copy of the final report.

The results of the assessment remain confidential.  They are shared only with the participant, QA staff and the QA Committee.  This information is not shared with other staff at the College, other Committees or employers.  If you demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skill and judgment, no further action is required.  If the QA Committee identifies concerns related to your knowledge, skill and judgment, you will be required to comply with the Committee’s recommendation(s) for improvement.

After the review is complete, the assessor will also provide you with a confidential questionnaire, to evaluate the Peer and Practice Assessment process and the skills of the assessor.  Please return this directly to the College.  Your opinion and those of other participants will help the College learn how to improve the program.

Click here for the Peer and Practice Assessment Handbook.