Resigning your Membership

Resigning your membership means you are giving up your certification of registration with the College and will no longer be practising the profession in the province of Ontario.

While Members can resign from membership at any time, it most typically occurs near or at the time the College conducts its annual registration renewal.  

Processing a resignation is not an immediate process and will require up to 10 business days to complete. Resigning requires the submission of additional documentation, such as evidence of professional liability enduring (tail) insurance coverage for at least five (5) years after ceasing practise, and a completed application form.  A resignation is not complete until it is processed and acknowledged by the College.

Please note that by resigning from membership with the College and surrendering your certificate of registration you will no longer be eligible to practise naturopathy in Ontario. If you later wish to practise naturopathy in Ontario, you must reapply to the College as a new applicant, and meet all entry-to-practice registration requirements in effect at the time of re-application, including completion of any required entry-to-practise examinations.

Resignation Form

In order to process resignation of your membership in the College, please download the following form, review it carefully, complete, sign and return it to the College along with the necessary documentation noted on the form.  

Resignation Form
(Adobe PDF File)