2019 Fees, Payment Plan

The College by-laws (Section 18.04) state that Member registration fees are adjusted annually by an amount equivalent to the change in the provincial Consumer Price Index. They also state that Members must be notified about the change in fees that occurs as a result of this automatic increase.
Registration fees for the coming year will be increased by 1.8%, the inflationary rate published in the 
Ontario Consumer Price Index.
Accordingly, fees for the registration year beginning April 1, 2019 will be as follow (including 13% HST)
Annual Registration Fee - General Class - $1,784.27
Annual Registration Fee - Inactive Class - $894.96
Late Renewal Fee - All Classes - $316.40
Reinstatement Fee - All Classes - $273.46
To renew their registration, Members must pay the annual registration fee and complete the Information Return form by March 31, 2019. All Members for whom the College has a preferred email address will be sent a link in February to complete their renewal online. Members are encouraged to ensure their preferred email address is listed on their account page. 
Questions about the fee schedule for 2019 can be sent to 
Payment Plan 2019
The College is again offering a registration fee Payment Plan Program on a trial basis for 2019 for Members who prefer to pay in installments rather than one lump sum.
The Program has three parts.
1. A mandatory enrollment fee of $172.89 to cover the College’s costs of running the Program.
2. An initial payment equal to 35% of the total fees due (including HST).
3. Nine equal monthly payments starting in May 2019 and ending in January 2020. The payments are estimated at $128.86 per month for General class and $64.64 for Inactive class, and will be made by pre-authorized withdrawal from the Member’s bank account.
The deadline to enroll is March 22, 2019. More information about the Program is available 
The College does not automatically re-enroll Members who participated in the program in 2018. If you wish to participate in 2019, you will need to re-enroll and pay the enrollment fee. 
Members who participate in this pilot program must not pay their 2019 registration fees through the College’s online system when renewals formally launch on February 14, 2019.