Inspection Program Requirements Amendments

The Inspection Committee recently approved a few “housekeeping” changes to the Inspection Program Requirements. These changes are being made in order to bring the requirements into full alignment with other College regulations and Standards of Practice. The Inspection Program Requirements with these changes incorporated is posted on the College’s website. The changes are as follows:



Reason for amendment

2.3 Drugs Required on Crash Cart

1.     Atropine

2.     Calcium chloride and/or Calcium gluconate and/or Calcium glycerophosphate

3.     Dextrose

4.     Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 

5.     Epinephrine hydrochloride i.m.

6.     Ipratropium bromide

7.     Magnesium chloride and/or Magnesium sulfate

8.     Saline bags

9.     Oxygen tank with regulator 0-10 L/min with mask or nasal canula

10.  Salbutamol

To accurately reflect the drugs/substances as listed on Table 2.

2.4 Equipment and Supplies not on Crash Cart but Readily Available

1.     Cold compresses, hot packs

2.     Natural anxiolytic

3.     Non-latex blood pressure cuff

4.     Pulse oximeter

5.     Snacks (crackers, fruit juices)

6.     Stethoscope

7.     Thermometer

8.     Watch (if no wall clock with second hand present in the room)

9.    Lidocaine (topical)

To use the generic name rather than the brand name.

4.1.1 IVIT Compounding

Drugs Storage and Inventory

1.     Only drugs/substances listed on Table 2 are stocked for compounding.

2.     Drugs not listed on Table 2 may be stocked if they are being administered through a delegation.

3.     Only drugs/substances approved for use by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario for IV administration are used.

To allow Members to be able to stock the drugs they may administer if they are accepting a delegation to administer a drug that is not listed on Table 2.

7.1 Compounding of IV Bags

18. The iv bag, or a document attached to the bag, is properly labelled with:

·   an identification number, if applicable…

·   any cautionary information about the drug or substance.

This addition aligns the Inspection Program Requirements with those in the Standard of Practice for Intravenous Infusion Therapy.

 The Inspection Program Requirements are available from our Resource Centre under Handbooks,Tools and Forms, Here.