About the Public Register

The public’s right to safe, ethical and competent care includes the right to learn about Ontario’s naturopaths. By law, the College of Naturopath of Ontario compiles profiles of every naturopath registered in this province, along with every naturopathic professional corporation. These profiles are collected and made available in a public register. The College encourages the public to search the register. You will learn information to help make informed choices about your care. 

What You’ll Find in the Register

The public register includes four sections. 

The Naturopathic Doctor Register contains information such as registration type and status, and whether the naturopath has met the requirements to provide certain additional services. 

The Professional Corporations Register contains information about a special type of corporation where a naturopath owns shares and is a director. 

The Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT) Premises Register describes clinics where IVIT is compounded and delivered. Such clinics must be registered with the College, and are subject to an inspection by the College. This register also provides information about these inspections. 

The Unauthorized Practitioner Register lists individuals who are not registered with the College yet hold themselves out to be naturopaths.