Regulatory Guidance

Medical Marijuana

The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is the legal framework set by the Government of Canada that allows Canadians to obtain the authorization to possess marijuana for medical purposes. 

Individuals must have the support of an authorized healthcare practitioner and have him/her complete a medical document that explains the daily amount of marijuana required in order to access marijuana for medical purposes as authorized by the MMPR.

Under the MMPR, authorized healthcare practitioners only include physicians, and nurse practitioners in provinces and territories where supporting dried marijuana for medical purposes is permitted under their scope of practice. 

With the medical documentation provided by an authorized healthcare practitioner, individuals can register with one of the licensed producers identified on the Health Canada website.

Neither the MMPR, nor any other Health Canada regulations authorize licensed producers to provide marijuana for medical purposes through a storefront. Health Canada lists all licensed producers on its website. Health Canada does not authorize the operation of retail storefronts, such as "compassion clubs" or "dispensaries" as they are illegal.

Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario who have met the standard of practice for prescribing are authorized to prescribe only those drugs listed on Table 3 of the General Regulation. This list does not include medical marijuana.