Accepting the Delegation of a Controlled Act

When accepting a delegation of a controlled act from another regulated health professional naturopaths must follow the rules in Part III (Delegation) of the General Regulation. The following summarizes the requirements around:
  • responsibility;
  • conditions before performing a delegated controlled act;
  • making and recording a delegation; and
  • contents of the record of delegation.


A naturopath can only accept a delegation of a controlled act if:
  • The delegation is made by a member of another regulated health profession.
  • And that regulated health professional is authorized to perform the controlled act under the health profession Act governing his or her profession.  
A naturopath cannot accept the delegation from someone who was delegated the performance of a controlled act by yet another person.

Conditions before Performing a Delegated Controlled Act

Before performing any delegated controlled act, a naturopath must have:
  • The knowledge, skill and judgment to perform the controlled act safely and ethically.
  • A naturopath-patient relationship with the person on whom the controlled act will be performed.
  • Considered whether the delegation is appropriate and in the patient’s best interests and needs.
  • Taken reasonable steps to ensure, and is satisfied that, sufficient safeguards and resources are available for the controlled act to be performed safely and ethically.
  • No reason to believe that the regulated health professional delegating the controlled act is not permitted to do so.
  • Ensured that any conditions on the performance of the controlled act have been met.

Making and Recording a Delegation

A naturopath who is performing a delegated controlled act shall record the particulars of the delegation in the patient’s record, except in any of the following cases:
  • A written record of the particulars of the delegation is available where the controlled act will be performed.
  • A written record of the particulars of the delegation, or a copy, is present in the patient’s record.
  • The particulars of the delegation have already been recorded in the patient record.

Contents of the Record of Delegation

The record of a delegation must contain the:
  • Date the delegation was made.
  • Name of the person making the delegation to the naturopath
  • Name of the naturopath accepting the delegation.
  • Any conditions that apply to the delegation.