Drawing Blood from a Vein or by Skin Pricking

Under the Naturopathy Act, 2007, a naturopath is authorized to perform the controlled act of “taking blood samples from veins or by skin pricking for the purpose of prescribed naturopathic examinations on the samples.”

A naturopath may only draw blood for the purposes of performing these seven tests in office:
  1. BTA Bioterrain Assessment.
  2. Glucose.
  3. Live blood cell analysis.
  4. Hemoglobin – A1C.
  5. Mononuclear Heterophile Antibodies (monospot).
  6. Fatty acids, free.
  7. Blood Group – ABO and RhD.

While the General Regulation allows naturopaths to draw blood from a vein or by skin pricking to perform the seven examinations, they may do so only if:
  • They meet the general requirements, as outlined on the About Controlled Acts page, for performing a controlled act.
  • The blood is drawn for the purpose of assessing the patient’s health status, communicating a naturopathic diagnosis, or monitoring or evaluating the patient’s response to treatment.
  • The naturopath uses a Health Canada Class III-Approved device, unless one does not exist, in which case the naturopath may only use a Health Canada-approved device.
  • The naturopath uses the device only for the purpose intended by the manufacturer and in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Under a standard of practice in the General Regulation, a naturopath is prohibited from drawing blood from a vein or by skin pricking except for the purposes of performing the above seven tests.