This is a guest post by Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna ND (Inactive) the College's Regulatory Education Specialist

Measles outbreaks are making news headlines in Canada and other countries, sparking conversation from multiple viewpoints in social and other media channels. As part of our role to protect the public and ensure they receive safe, ethical and competent naturopathic care, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario wants to remind the public that naturopaths in this province are not allowed to vaccinate patients nor are naturopaths allowed to provide patients with information about vaccinations. This is because these activities are not part of what naturopaths are legally authorized to do in the legislation that governs the profession.

This is clearly stated in the College's Policy on Vaccination. When a naturopath is asked about vaccination, their role is to recommend to their patients that they consult a health professional who is able to provide both the treatment and information about it. In Ontario, this includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists in certain instances.